5x Loot Rewards ’til May 9th, 2024
For a limited time get 5x Loot rewards from WARBOT when watching official Warsaken Streamers.
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Maximize Your Warsaken Loot with WAR Bot’s Limited-Time 5x Rewards!

Thanks to the innovative WARBOT, your engagement transcends beyond passive watching to active earning. This week marks a special opportunity for the Warsaken community: a spectacular 5x loot multiplier, active now and available through Thursday the 9th until 5:00 PM Pacific Time!

How Does It Work?

Normally, viewing Warsaken streams via Official Warsaken Streamers on Twitch with a linked WAX wallet nets viewers an impressive 1,000 loot. However, during this exclusive promotional period, the loot gains are quintupled! That’s right—watch, interact, and earn up to 5,000 loot simply by enjoying the content you love.

Setting Up for Success

First things first: to take part in this loot bonanza, you’ll need to link your WAX wallet to your Twitch account. Don’t have a WAX wallet yet? No problem! Set one up at Cloud Wallet. Next, if you’re not already a part of the Twitch community, sign up at Twitch.tv.

To link your accounts, head over to the Official Warsaken Stream Channel, and in the chat, type !link [your wallet id]—make sure to replace [your wallet id] with your actual wallet ID, and remember, quotes are not needed. This is a one-time setup, so once you’re linked, you’re all set to start accumulating loot.

More setup information is here in our original announcement about the Watch & Earn program.

Where to Watch?

Look for streamers under the Warsaken category on Twitch. The more you watch and engage in chat, the more loot you’ll earn, delivered directly to your WAX wallet. Remember, the amount of loot can vary, but during this promotion, the rewards are bigger than ever!

Stay Connected

Don’t miss out on any action or updates. Join the Warsaken community on Discord and keep tabs on stream schedules at Warsaken.tv. This is your gateway to not only staying informed about stream times but also connecting with fellow fans and strategists.

Why Wait? Get Watching Now!

This 5x loot offer is a fleeting chance to significantly boost your Warsaken arsenal by doing something you already enjoy—watching streams. Whether you’re a seasoned Warsaken player or new to the universe, now is the perfect time to dive in, watch your favorite streamers, and rack up an incredible amount of loot.

Head over to Twitch and start earning today! For more details on setting up your accounts and getting started, refer to the full guide here.

Let the streams—and the loot—flow!

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