About Warsaken®
Warsaken is a strategic card game that bridges generations, offering diverse game modes and a beautifully crafted aesthetic to bring people together

In 2000 Brandon Adams, then 17 years old, wanted to find a way to connect with his father, a former member of the United States Army Security Agency. His father was a huge fan of tabletop games but struggled to play the kinds of video games Brandon enjoyed.

One night, as a young designer, Brandon started trying to design a military-themed card game to play with his father. After attempting to come up with the design of a single card and feeling defeated, he left the idea behind.

In late 2018, several years after Brandon’s father passed, he recounted this story to his son over the dinner table while playing another tabletop game. At that moment, the idea and foundation of the game Warsaken was born.

By early 2020 Eclectic Nerds LLC was founded as the game publishing company that would develop Warsaken, though the game went by a different name at first…Legion of War. The first Kickstarter campaign was launched in May of that same year and crashed in a glorious ball of fire. The failed Kickstarter campaign helped teach Eclectic Nerds more about what the industry wanted and allowed the company time to restructure and develop the game further.

A new opportunity arose after completing the art for the first set and building toward a relaunch of the Kickstarter, having secured the trademarks for both Eclectic Nerds and Warsaken in the United States. The author who had been developing character lore for Eclectic Nerds proposed bringing Warsaken to the blockchain.

In mid-2021, partners formed EN Digital LLC to build out the blockchain product of Warsaken under an IP license from Eclectic Nerds. After deep research, the team selected the WAX blockchain as the backbone to drive Warsaken in the digital space offering NFTs and play-to-earn. EN Digital has sold tens of thousands of NFT packs and hundreds of thousands of individual NFTs. Warsaken Blitz Beta launched to strong positive reviews from gamers worldwide and is already connecting fans from every inhabited continent.

On November 11th, 2022, Warsaken returns to Kickstarter.

The members of Eclectic Nerds and EN Digital are committed to building on the successes they’ve already accomplished, and continue to bring innovative, bond-building games to the world.

Warsaken NFT Variations (Set 001)
See the ultra premium NFT designs available in the first set of Warsaken.