Battle-Ready Sale: Aid Our Veterans
Get ready to fortify your arsenal and make a difference for our veterans. It is the Warsaken Legion call to arms!

Attention Legion!

Brace yourselves for an epic event of valor and camaraderie, as we embark on an annual mission to aid those who have served in battle. On November 11th, from 0000 to 2400 PST, Warsaken proudly presents a sale and fundraiser that will echo through the annals of history! Or at least through the halls of Warsaken.

Prepare for Battle

As dedicated soldiers of Warsaken, we’re excited to offer you an opportunity to fortify your arsenals while making a difference, not only in your battles but in the lives of those who have selflessly served our great nations.

The Call to Arms is Sounded!

Available Packs:

  • Premium Packs: For the most discerning among us, these high-rarity packs can be yours for just 750 Wax.
  • Elite Packs: March into battle with power and precision by securing your Elite Packs for a mere 250 Wax.
  • Booster Packs: For those of you in need of reinforcements, bolster your forces with Booster Packs, available at just 55 Wax.

A Noble Cause Awaits!

As mentioned, there’s more to this sale than meets the eye. In our continuing commitment to honor those who have sacrificed for our freedoms, Warsaken will donate 20% of the proceeds from this sale to the Stack Up charity ( With their mission to support veterans and active-duty service members through the healing power of gaming, this is a cause close to our hearts. 

Join Us, Unite for a Worthy Cause!

So, fellow warriors, it’s time to rally once again under the banner of Warsaken. Let your fervor for strategy and your compassion for our veterans ignite in unison. On November 11th, let your actions speak louder than words, as we gather to make an impact on the lives of those who have sacrificed so much.

Save the Date: November 11th, 0000 – 2400 PST

Onward, Legion, to victory. For Warsaken, for the Legion, and for our veterans!

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