Scheduled Giveaways are Live in the Warsaken Discord
Join the Warsaken Discord for consistent giveaways, with frequent chances to win exclusive NFTs and rewards through active participation and engagement in the community.

Exciting news for the Warsaken community! We are thrilled to announce the launch of our consistent, scheduled giveaways on Discord, now fully underway. This initiative, started last week, offers our dedicated players and community members numerous chances to win exclusive NFTs and other rewards. Here’s everything you need to know to maximize your entries and claim your share of the loot!

Scheduled Giveaways Breakdown

  1. Loot NFTs in #free-stuff
    Every 4 hours, a 5,000 Loot NFTs is up for grabs. Make sure to set your reminders and check the channel regularly to participate in these frequent drops.
  2. Loot NFTs in #special-giveaways
    Every 5 hours, another 5,000 Loot NFT is dropped. This channel requires specific access, so stay active and engaged in the community to ensure you don’t miss out.
  3. Murdered Out Claim Codes in #special-giveaways
    Every 2 days, we drop an exclusive Murdered Out Claim Code. These are highly sought after, so keep an eye on the channel and be prepared to act quickly.
  4. Premium Mystery NFT Giveaway in #prime-giveaways
    Every 7 days, one lucky winner will receive a Premium Mystery NFT. These giveaways offer some of the most coveted items, making them an event you won’t want to miss. Items can include Premium Packs, Elite Packs, Loot Packs, 1M Loot NFTs, and Black Camo Infinite Leaders.

Each giveaway ends just before the next one begins, so be sure to check the individual giveaways for exact duration times.

Maximize Your Chances to Win

Your chances of winning are directly tied to your activity and roles within the Warsaken Discord. Each role you hold increases your number of entries, and these entries stack. Here’s how you can boost your chances:

  • Be Active: Regular participation in chats and events boosts your activity level.
  • Show Off Your Collection: Sharing your Warsaken card collection can earn you special roles and recognition.
  • Engage in Events: Stay tuned for new roles offered during special events and activities.

To ensure you have access to all giveaway channels, keep engaging and participating in the community. For detailed information about ranks and roles, visit our Mee6 Leaderboards: Mee6 Leaderboards.

Join the Warsaken Discord Today

The giveaways are here to stay, with plans to run them consistently for at least the next year. We will continually assess and potentially expand these offerings based on community feedback and engagement.

Don’t miss out on these incredible opportunities to enhance your Warsaken experience. Join the Warsaken Discord today and start participating in our giveaways: Join Warsaken Discord.

Get involved, stay active, and may the odds be ever in your favor as you claim your share of the riches in our ongoing giveaways. Happy hunting, Warsaken warriors!

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