The Hunt for Blood Foil Infinite
Embark on Warsaken’s Blood Foil Infinite Bounty, with a jackpot starting at 10 million Loot and growing weekly until a Blood Foil Infinite Leader is pulled, tracked live on our Discord.
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Prepare yourselves for the ultimate hunt, Warsaken warriors! We are thrilled to announce the launch of the “Blood Foil Infinite Bounty,” an electrifying, non-stop event that promises massive rewards and relentless excitement. Gather your packs, and dive into the fray, for the bounty begins now!

The Infinite Bounty Hunt Begins

Starting with an impressive 10 million Loot, the bounty jackpot is set to escalate by 1 million Loot every week until a Blood Foil Infinite Leader is pulled from a Warsaken pack. This thrilling chase is your golden opportunity to not only enrich your deck with the most coveted leaders but also to claim a staggering fortune.

How to Claim the Jackpot

The rules are simple yet exhilarating:

  1. Open Premium or Elite Warsaken Packs: Blood Foil Infinite Leaders can be found exclusively in these packs.
  2. Find a Blood Foil Infinite Leader: It doesn’t matter which one—every Blood Foil Infinite Leader counts.
  3. Win the Jackpot: The lucky player who pulls a Blood Foil Infinite Leader will instantly win the current bounty total, transferred directly to their WAX wallet.

Jackpot Reload and Continuation

Once a Blood Foil Infinite Leader is claimed, the excitement doesn’t end:

  • The jackpot resets to 5 million Loot.
  • The hunt resumes immediately, with the bounty growing by 1 million Loot each week until the next Blood Foil Infinite Leader is pulled.

Where to Track the Bounty

Stay updated on the current bounty size exclusively through our Warsaken Discord Server. The top channel, titled “BFIL Bounty: XM Loot”, will display the latest jackpot total in millions of Loot.

Important Notes

  • Only Blood Foil Infinite Leaders are eligible for the bounty. Blood Foil G-Forces, Blood Foil Decadent Leaders, and regular Blood Foil Leaders are not included.
  • The bounty will be transferred to the same WAX wallet that the Blood Foil Infinite Leader was pulled from with no exceptions.
  • Members of Eclectic Nerds LLC and EN Digital LLC ownership are not eligible.
  • This contest is subject to change and can be cancelled at any time at the discretion of Eclectic Nerds LLC and EN Digital LLC.

Join the Chase

This is your chance to not only elevate your gameplay but also to become a legend within the Warsaken community. Grab your Premium and Elite packs in the store or the shop, dive into the action, and may fortune favor the bold!

Join our community discussions and share your experiences on our Warsaken Discord. Stay connected, stay informed, and most importantly, stay relentless in your pursuit of the Blood Foil Infinite Bounty!

The Blood Foil Infinite Bounty awaits. Will you be the next legend to claim the ultimate prize?

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