Unity Decks – July Collection Challenge
Build an epic deck, get an epic reward
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July ’24 Collection Challenge


  • Build a rare, single-variation deck


  • July 1, 2024 to July 8, 2024


  • Build a playable Blitz deck of a single rare variation!
  • The variation can be Hex Tech, Night Vision, Hacked, Black Camo, Smoke Noir, Gold, Thermal Ash, Blood Foil, or any upgrade. (The only rarities that don’t qualify are: Base, Full Art, Foil Prime, and Camo.)


  • Receive a Set 1 Premium Pack for decks that are Blood Foil, Thermal Ash, Gold, Smoke Noir, Black Camo, or Hacked.
  • Receive a Set 1 Elite Pack for decks that are Hex Tech, Night Vision, or any upgrade deck.


  • ALL CARDS IN THE DECK MUST BE THE SAME VARIATION: i.e. ALL Smoke Noir or ALL Fire Forged First Wave.
  • The deck must be a playable Blitz deck with the following composition: 1 Leader, 4 Territories, and 15 sets of 4x cards.
  • You must play a complete Blitz game against a General or Lieutenant, or a recorded game against an Official Legion: Streamer and share it with a Lieutenant.
  • The NFTs in your deck may not be used by any other player during the course of this event. People found breaking this rule may be banned from future Collection Challenges.
  • One prize per person. No multiple deck entries.
  • If you have questions regarding the rules, ask a Lieutenant or General. 

We can’t wait to see the epicness!

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