Warsaken Strategic Briefing + AMA – January 29, 2024
Warsaken is revolutionizing its gaming universe with a slew of cool new features, blending digital and physical gameplay elements to create an epic, immersive experience for players.
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New Sign In Screen

When you login to the app in the future you can long in with Discord, Twitch, Apple, Facebook, Google, and Microsoft. This is a critical aspect for us to be able to track XP, stats, and much more. This will allow us to onboard, reach other blockchains, enable the subscription model, and more.


You will be able to change your display name. Your unique identifier will be your player code, which will be used to friend people. 

The public version of this page will display some of your stats and details. 

XP Earnable Through Gameplay

You will be able to earn XP through gameplay, which is a goal we have been working toward for a very long time. Along with this change, there will be an increase in XP requirements for NFT rank rewards. 

We will add some new ranks and gate elements with these ranks. 

Battle Pass (subscription) holders will not need to hold gate cards until they reach the Lieutenant Commander rank.  They will need a Hacked Leader for that level, as well as the higher gate cards for higher levels.  

Leaders at each level do NOT need to be the same leader. Any leader of each required rarity will meet the gate requirement.  

Adjustments to Rank Stacking will be based on # of cards held. Base stacking will be 45% (90% for people holding Blood Foil Leaders). Then like previously each rank will reduce by 5% for each additional rank your XP and collection can achieve.

Resource cards, gear, packs, and Loot NFTs do NOT count toward card total. 


As you gain XP through each Season of War, you will earn additional rewards, and bonus XP will allow you to rank up faster. Battle Pass will give additional XP for hitting milestones.  

Boss Fights

As you hit milestones, you’ll be able to fight the Warpath Warlord and earn special editions of Warlord leaders. These Leaders operate out of the traditional canon of Warsaken, so you will see some unique abilities and characters featured. You can earn one copy of these special NFTs if you beat the Warlord in a game of Warsaken. When you beat a Warlord, you will also receive a 99% discount code which can be used in the Warsaken Store for a 99% discount on the physical version of the Foil Warlord Leader. The price will be reduced from $499.99 to $4.99. (See more about the shop in the Merchandise section below.) 

First 4 Warlords: Mettled Will, Admiral Crane, Lioné Vanguard, and Key, the Aftermath.  

Warlords come in the following variations: Obsidian Coal, Hyper Diamond, and Cracked Ice. You can upgrade with 5 copies of the same card into the next highest level. Cracked Ice will be similar to Thermal Ash in rarity and XP. These Leader cards will also be available to earn from Wheel Spins. 

New Gear

New Gear coming with the next update: new music tracks produced by Legion member NewenX, Pink Tutu sleeves/game mats, and possibly Leader Taunts.  

New Deck Builder Features

The new build will offer many new stats in regards to deck building. The stats and feedback are related to Standard specifically.  

Gamer Score

New build will also feature Leaderboards based on Season Gamer Score, and other criteria. Season Gamer Score will be based on total game XP, full game wins, losses, and total games.   


If you have an Owner, Tenant, or Homeland card, you can create an Alliance. Each Alliance will have a defined number of slots for players to join. Rewards will be given to members of highly ranked Alliances at the end of each Season of War. Each member will receive rewards based on their contribution to the Alliance, which will be determined by Season Gamer Score. Alliances will battle similarly ranked Alliances at various tiers. 

Alliance creators can rent their decks to members of their Alliance. Renters will earn less XP and Owners will earn an equivalent amount of Loot. The minimum split will be 50%, and Owners can set the level to increase their share if they wish.   

Standard games offer 5x XP results compared to Blitz rewards.  

Homeland Cards

Homeland Cards will initially produce 1000 Loot per day. These cards will be available to earn with Wheel Spins. Homeland cards can craft a resource card every 72 hours, depending on what type of resource the territory produces. Homeland cards will produce Homeland Resource, Tenant Cards can produce Tenant Resource cards, and Owners can produce Owner Resource cards. Combine 5 of the same resource card to produce a card of the next tier rarity, including 5 base resource cards for 1 Homeland Resource. Redeem one of each of the 5 Owner Resource cards to produce a 200k Loot NFT. 



We will offer a wide variety of items in the store: clothing, bags, patches, pins, mugs, posters, gift cards, and much more. You can also buy battle decks (2 decks and resource cards), cabal cards, game mats, counters (long production time), and Booster packs, sold in bundles of 3 for use in Draft games. Every Booster pack has a chance of being a Cracked Ice pack, in which all cards in the pack are Cracked Ice. 

For now, physical items are only available in the U.S.

Physical Cards

As opposed to traditional cards games in which you must find cards in booster or collector packs, we will sell almost every card in the game directly to you, in any quantity you want. All cards are foil. Volkov’s Escape, Genesis of Conflict, and Savage Escalation are available now in the store. The rarities that will not be available are: Infinite Leaders, G-Force, Tyrant Leaders, and Loot Leaders.  

50 for 50 Sale—If you order 50 cards or more, you will get 50% off! 

In the new build, in the Deck page, there will be a link to buy the cards in a deck you have created in the digital space. Build your deck in deck builder, and add all cards to your card with one click. 

NFT packs are now available in the Warsaken Shop. Buy Premium, Elite, and Booster packs at a large discount to celebrate the launch. There is a delay in delivery, up to 12 hours, but will usually be much quicker.  

If you spend over $150 in the shop, you will receive a Murdered Out code. Be sure to opt in to receive emails from us, or you will not receive the emailed code.  

Brand Affiliate Program

Enroll at www.warsaken.com/enlist and you will receive 7% of any purchases made with your referral code. This is available now! Soon you will be able to offer a discount to people who use your code so that they can receive a discount on their first purchase in the Warsaken Store.  

Physical / Digital Connections

Merch is coming to Wheel Spins! You might receive $100 off your next purchase, a free deck, a free hat, a discount code, or other items. You will still be responsible for shipping costs.  


We are live in the ChatGPT store. If you have a ChatGPT account, you can jump in the Warsaken AI and get answers about Warsaken gameplay, card abilities, lore, collection/deck analysis, and more. This is not 100% accurate but it a very useful tool to get quick answers. It will improve inaccuracy as time passes. Find it now at www.warsaken.ai

Next Major Set

Art is being created. Cards are being developed. Set 4 will be released late 2024 or 2025. The lore continues to expand and develop everything leading up to this point. 

Kickstarter Boxes

Our claim codes arrived, but the packaging was damaged in transit and some claim codes were damaged. We don’t know which codes were damaged so we had to disable all codes, generate new codes, and production has begun on new codes.  


Tabletopia has been updated to allow Draft games!  


$WUFFI Pawtnership 

Warsaken has been selected as a $WUFFI Pawtner. Legion members will be eligible to receive an airdrop of WUFFI tokens, and WUFFI holders in the Warsaken Discord will receive a special role, and be eligible for drops and giveaways.  More information to follow. 

BluMint Grand Slam 

We have once again partnered with BluMint to host a series of tournaments. In February, there will be 4 qualifying tournaments, and a Grand Slam tourney. Top points winners and winners of each tourney will be eligible for LOOT, $ARC tokens, Warsaken NFTs, and more! 

Adding 1B WUF Tokens to the Father’s Day Sale
Canine Bounty in effect! Win a cut of 1B #WUF tokens during the Father’s Day Sale.
Standard Warsaken gameplay Let’s Hear it for Our Standard Bearers — WUF WUF
If you’ve been playing Standard on Tabletopia, claim your share of 1/4 B WUFFI.
Win WUFFI with Warsaken Weather
Collect Warsaken Weather cards and split half a billion #WUFFI tokens! @WUFFI_Inu