Win WUFFI with Warsaken Weather
Collect Warsaken Weather cards and split half a billion #WUFFI tokens! @WUFFI_Inu
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Announcing Warsaken Collection Challenges! Starting June 1, we are launching a new series of events in which every wallet that completes a specified collection will win a prize. No luck required. Complete the set, win the prize! Each month the collections will change, and so will the prizes.

The first challenge will kick off June 1! Win WUFFI with Warsaken Weather. All you need to do is hold 1 of each Foil Prime and Camo Weather cards from Set 2 – Savage Escalation in your WAX wallet. That’s 18 NFTs total. You will have 2 weeks to collect them all and enter the Bounty Blok.

Enter here:

Every wallet that holds ALL Foil Prime and Camo Weather cards from Set 2 – Savage Escalation, will split 600M WUFFI Tokens. Again, no drawings, no luck involved, you just need to enter the Bounty Blok. Every qualified entrant wins. In addition, 1 random winner will receive 100M WUFFI!

Don’t have enough Set 2 Weather cards? You’re in luck! In about a week we will launch a Buy More Save More Father’s Day sale on digital packs in the Warsaken Shop. You will be able to save up to 50% on already reduced prices, AND you can buy with credit card, SOL, and many other options. More details coming soon.

Okay, here’s some small print. You need to hold the required NFTs in order to enter AND at the end of the competition. NFTs may not be used to qualify for 2 different wallets. Anyone found to be cheating will be ineligible for this competition and will be disqualified from future Warsaken Collection Challenges as well. The required NFT templates are 690153 through 690161 and 690834 through 690842. Challenge details are subject to clarification as the event goes on. If you have questions, please ask in the Warsaken Discord.

Start completing your collections now; we have much more collection goodness to come!

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