Adding 1B WUF Tokens to the Father’s Day Sale
Canine Bounty in effect! Win a cut of 1B #WUF tokens during the Father’s Day Sale.
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Attention Warsaken Legion! You don’t want to miss this one!

We are adding a 1B WUFFI bounty to events going on this week! Right now might be the best time ever to snag Warsaken packs! Premium, Elite, and physical pack prices are up to 75% off if you purchase 10 packs or more. Discounts will show in your cart after you add items. These discounts are available only at And remember, you can use credit cards, SOL, PayPal, Google Pay, and other options in the Shop.

Get more details on the sale at But wait, there’s more!

The BFIL Bounty is on! Pull a Blood Foil Infinite Leader and claim the bounty, which goes up every week. It is currently sitting at 11M Loot!

And that’s not all! Introducing the Canine Recon Event! It’s simple: Pull a dog-themed NFT from a Premium or Elite Pack by Sunday and get a cut of 1B WUFFI. That’s 1,000,000,000 WUF tokens up for grabs! Similar to the Top Dog Event, you can win prizes for certain pulls, but there is no competition for the best pull. The 1B Bounty will be split EQUALLY among all wallets that pull one of these dog-related NFTs:

  • Rusty
  • Stone
  • DX-C
  • X3 Black Dog
  • VX Cerberus (including G-Force)
  • Lady Auren Dias (including Infinite)

The list of possible cards is MUCH bigger than the Top Dog event, and so are the prizes! Each pull will receive an equal cut of the 1B WUF pool! That’s right, rank and rarity don’t matter here. Pull a Full Art card and get a full portion. Amount distributed to each wallet will depend on total number of eligible cards pulled. Each pull gives 1 portion to the wallet that pulls it, so you can win multiple times if you pull multiple eligible cards.

You must tag a Lieutenant in Discord, give your wallet, and receive confirmation that your entry has been received.

Here’s some small print: To be eligible, cards must be from Premium or Elite packs opened during the week of June 10-June17, 2024 Pacific Time. Cards pulled from Booster and Loot Packs are not eligible. The sale will last until 1130pm PT June 16, 2024 or until packs are sold out. The eligibility period to open packs and report pulls will continue for 24 hours after the sale has ended.

In order for a card to qualify for the event, it must be reported in the Warsaken Discord within 24 hours of the end of the sale. You must tag the mods @Lieutenant (Mods) for each card you claim. Warsaken Discord mods are eligible to participate. Warsaken Team members are ineligible to claim prizes in the event. Only Set 2 – Savage Escalation cards are eligible for this event. The Warsaken Team reserves the right to clarify details of the event.

There has never been a better time to buy Premium and Elite packs! Visit the Warsaken Shop now!

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