Be a Land Baron of Warsaken
Learn about the most straightforward way to earn Loot in Warsaken.
[p]If vast, easy Loot is your goal, black gold is the answer. Let’s talk Territory Owner and Tenant cards.[/p] [p]Warsaken Loot is the loyalty token to reward Warsaken collectors and players. Here’s how it normally works:[/p]
  • You hold NFTs from Warsaken and our partner collections, or play and win Warsaken games.
  • You rank up.
  • Depending on your rank, you can claim daily Loot.
[p]Or you can just snag a Territory Owner card. Bam! Massive Loot payouts daily. No XP requirements, no recruiting necessary.[/p] [p]Unfortunately, it’s not gonna be easy to get ’em.[/p] [p]The Black Gold version of territory cards are the Territory Owner cards, and they are some of the rarest in the game. Only 1 mint of each territory will ever be created. For Set 1, Genesis of Conflict, that means there are a total of 35 Owner Cards. Will you be a lucky owner? Tenant cards will function the same, with big Loot payouts daily, but will be minted in a higher quantity and yield less Loot than Owner cards. [/p] [p]We know, you have questions. Let’s hear ’em.[/p] [p]Q. Where do I get Owner and Tenant cards?[/p] [p]A. Territory Owner and Tenant cards can only be found in Loot Packs (and possibly on the secondary market.) Each month we will drop a new batch of Loot Packs, at a cost of 50,000 Loot each. Loot Packs will mostly contain Loot versions of standard Genesis of Conflict cards, but there will be a few ultra rare NFTs that can only be found in these packs, such as the Owner and Tenant cards.[/p] [p]Each batch of Loot Packs will contain at least 2 new Territory Owner cards, so 2 cards or more will enter the pool each month. Tenant cards will be released in mint numbers and at a release schedule that will be announced at a future date. Loot Packs from any month will have a chance to draw whatever Owner and Tenant cards are in the pool, but once they have been pulled, there will be no Owner and Tenant cards available until the following month.[/p] [p]Q. How much Loot are we talking?[/p] [p]A. Short answer—a lot. The Loot pool will increase each month, and once all the Owner and Tenant Cards are distributed, the total daily pool will be in the millions of Loot per day. Initially all holders of Owner and Tenant cards will split the pool, with the Owners receiving the largest slices of the pie. Once the full Warsaken game is released, the pool will be split based on popularity of each territory. In-game usage statistics will determine popularity.[/p] [p]Q. What can I do with Loot?[/p] [p]A. Loot can be used to purchase Loot Packs, in-game effects, raffle tickets, and more. Visit the Loot store on[/p] [p]Q. Do Territory Owner cards offer any gameplay advantage.[/p] [p]A. Yes, a small advantage. Each Owner and Tenant card will start with 50 higher Health, as shown on the card, in comparison to other versions of the same card. If you’re one of the lucky owners, you can use Owner and Tenant cards in your digital decks to give you a boost.[/p] [p]Q. Do I need to stake or transfer my Owner card in order to reap the rewards?[/p] [p]A. No. All Warsaken NFTs will remain in your wallet and still be eligible for the associated rewards.[/p] [p]Q. Can I sell my Owner card? How much is it worth?[/p] [p]A. Yes you can sell any of your NFTs. There are various NFT marketplaces where you can sell and buy Owner cards and other NFTs for Wax and in some cases, other cryptocurrencies (,, Prices will be determined by the market, not by the Warsaken team.[/p] [p]Good luck. Here’s hoping you strike black gold![/p] [br][br][AuthorCard first=”Daniel” last=”Coleman” profile=”/wp-content/uploads/authors/DanielColeman_profile.jpg”]
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