Find Your Standard Playstyle
Play the game your way! Whether you like to hammer your enemy with damage, or control and manipulate their decisions with precision, your style will determine the cards you take to your game.

Are you type of player that enjoys getting the upper hand quickly, and relentlessly attacking? Do you prefer a more defensive strategy, building up blockers and fortifying against enemy attacks until you can unleash a devastating combination to end a fight? Or is absolute control over your enemy more your thing? No matter your style, Warsaken has you covered.

If you’ve been in the trading card scene for a while, you’ll be familiar with terms like
aggro, mid-range, control, and combo. For the newer players entering the space, here’s a
little breakdown of the most common playstyles:

  • Aggro
    All-out aggression. An aggro deck attempts to win as fast as possible, before an opponent can mount a defense or react with aggression of their own.
  • Mid-Range
    Versatility is key. Mid-range decks attempt to control the early and middle game, then close out the game with efficient damage output or explosive combinations.
  • Control
    This one speaks for itself. Control decks aim to control an opponent’s cards and progression throughout the game, shutting down their combinations and strategies in order to end the game in specific ways.
  • Combo
    Chaining effects. Combo decks use the interactions between specific cards to create powerful effects that create winning situations.

Warsaken’s Leader cards often lend their abilities to a specific playstyle, but experimenting with different leaders and abilities can result in surprising combinations and outcomes, no matter which style you prefer.

To get you started, we’ve picked a leader that’s well suited to each of the styles above.


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Adam Zoff, Premier of Trionvice, is on the bleeding edge of technological innovation.
He’s also ready to make enemies bleed with his aggressive abilities.

PUSH can be activated every 2 turns and allows the player to put a drone force in their legion without paying its resource costs.

Drones tend to be fast attackers that excel in aggressive deck lists and are immune to some effects that would affect normal soldier forces.

ORBITAL RAILGUN can be activated every 5 turns (but you probably won’t need another 5 turns after this goes off).

Each enemy territory will take 200 damage, which is roughly half the average health value of a territory.

If you can spread your damage out across the enemy territories throughout the game, RAILGUN is a finishing move that can compromise your enemy in a single massive damaging ability.


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Ryker Lockwood, Chancellor of Rizland, has a nuclear arsenal on call and awaiting launch.

LOYALTY can be activated every 2 turns, giving you access to additional cards, and thus, additional options.

NUCLEAR can be activated every 5 turns, eliminating an enemy territory and damaging 2 others (if they even remain).

Having lots of options to control the early and mid-game gives Lockwood time to build up a defense, or tear down his opponent’s, before unleashing massive damage in a bid to win.


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Thato Lathabo, scourge of the United Isles, uses piracy to control his enemy’s board.

PIRATE can be activated every turn, allowing you to steal a resource that your opponent has produced. If they have none, Lathabo still gets a little something for trying.

Your opponent will have to decide whether they should spend everything, or risk losing vital resources.

HEIST can be activated every 5 turns and allows you to steal an entire territory from your opponent.

If piracy and control are your thing, Lathabo’s roguish tactics are made for you.


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Great Emperor Shang Lee, teacher of Khanshu, uses ninjas to chain combos and strike with overwhelming attack damage.

LOYALTY can be activated every 2 turns, giving you 2 cards from your deck to find ninjas and attack booster cards.

Many ninjas have a unique ability called VOW that allows you to find another ninja from your deck or discard pile and put it in your hand.

Mo’ Ninjas, Mo’ Problems (but only for your opponent).

CUNNING can be activated every 5 turns, and doubles the attack damage of your soldier forces, while also making 4 of them unblockable.

By using VOW and combinations of other mechanics to flood your board with soldiers and ninjas, you can strike throughout the game, and lead up to an overwhelming surge of damage in the late-game.

So, think you’ve found your playstyle? Already know the way you like to play? When you’re ready, head on over to Warsaken Standard or The Store.

Got questions? Our community is knowledgeable, helpful, and always growing! Join our Discord and let us help get you started!

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