GHOST Warfare: Unseen and Unstoppable
Learn how to harness the power of GHOST forces in Warsaken
Lore  /  Strategy
Rotor Rage: Chopper Fury in Warsaken
Discover the unmatched versatility and strategic power of choppers in Warsaken, from the formidable A96 Knight Hunter to the stealthy 00 Black Blade, and learn how these aerial units can turn the tide of any battle.
The Resounding Power of ECHO
Discover how the ECHO ability transforms Warsaken gameplay as it opens new strategic horizons for players to exploit.
G-Forces: The Apex of Tactical Deployment
G-Forces in Warsaken offer unparalleled power and strategic flexibility, transforming the battlefield with their unique resource mechanics and elite status.
STUN: Strategic Disruption in Warsaken
STUN offers a powerful way to neutralize key enemy forces, creating critical openings for attack and ensuring tactical superiority.
The Regal Ruthlessness of Warsaken Tyrant Leaders
Discover the strategic and thematic richness of Warsaken Tyrant Leaders, where the risky TAX ability dictates gameplay balance and intrigue.
Mastering the High Seas with the Pirate Mechanic
Stealing resources from your opponents adds a thrilling twist to gameplay, keeping them constantly guessing and under the tactical pressure of piracy.
Unleashing the Aerial Armada: A Strategic Breakdown of the Carrier-Hive-Wingman Combination
In this strategic breakdown, we delve into the formidable combination of the A4 Revenge Super Carrier, X32 Hive, and Wingman forces within Warsaken.
Leader Lens: President Zeana
Learn the backstory of President Candela Zeana and strategic gameplay in Warsaken, highlighting her unique abilities and favorable card combinations.
Leaders  /  Strategy
Leader Lens: Premier Zoff
Learn the backstory of Adam Zoff and strategic gameplay in Warsaken, highlighting his unique abilities and favorable card combinations.
Leaders  /  Strategy
Leader Lens: Roman Volkov, the Exile
Learn the backstory of Roman Volkov and strategic gameplay in Warsaken, highlighting his unique abilities and beneficial card combinations.
Leaders  /  Strategy
Find Your Standard Playstyle
Play the game your way! Whether you like to hammer your enemy with damage, or control and manipulate their decisions with precision, your style will determine the cards you take to your game.
Block More with Anti-Weapons
Let’s examine some powerful anti-weapons in Warsaken, and how you can save space in your deck design without giving up defense.
Gameplay  /  Strategy
The Vow of the Ninja
These shinobi masters make vows to each other. Their vow is your legion’s strength as you use these soldiers to rapidly build your forces.
Gameplay  /  Strategy