Leader Lens: Premier Zoff
Learn the backstory of Adam Zoff and strategic gameplay in Warsaken, highlighting his unique abilities and favorable card combinations.
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Adam Zoff, the current Premier of Trionvice, is an aggressive and talented weapons developer, and plays a significant role in the secret coup that leads to the exile of Roman Volkov.

In the interactive story Volkov’s Escape, we learn that Zoff is secretly working with the President of New Kratia, Candela Zeana, to take control of Trionvice and consolidate their power to become an unstoppable juggernaut in the struggle for land and resources.

While the coup is ultimately successful, the escape of Roman Volkov will likely come back to haunt them.

So what does Zoff have at his disposal while he’s the Premier of Trionvice? Let’s take a look!

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If you’re familiar with “aggro” gameplay, or just like the sound of smashing your opponent’s board with overwhelming force and damage output, Zoff might quickly become your new favorite leader.

Premier Zoff’s abilities favor all out attacking, chip-damage, and eliminating your opponent’s territories through overwhelming force and firepower.

PUSH can be activated every 2 turns and allows the player to find and put a drone force in their legion without paying its resource costs.

Drones tend to be fast attackers, many having 0 turn-timers. Drones with higher turn-timers have stronger abilities like EVADE and CRACK SHOT, so choose wisely when using PUSH to maximize your options.

ORBITAL RAILGUN is Premier Zoff’s second ability, and traces back to his past as a weapons developer. The massive damage output is a reflection of his new position as Premier, and the unstoppable force Trionvice is becoming.

The one downside to using RAILGUN is that you can’t use forces to attack on the same turn, so you’ll need to balance your board and time your strike correctly.

On the flip side, being unable to attack with all those drone forces you’ve pulled up DOES probably leave you with a hearty defense, should your enemy still be able to retaliate.

So, what cards in Genesis of Conflict do we think pair well with Premier Zoff? Here’s our top 5:

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Pons Research Centers provides a lot of power, which you’ll need for more drone forces and supporting cards.

This territory has relatively low health and a high morale loss penalty for losing it though, so make sure to ‘Protect the Pons’!

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Diversionary Tactic is a great way to make sure your drones get their damage downrange, with no fear of losing them to blockers in battle.

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Secret Drone Mission gives you +3 intel for a single resource but can only be played if you control a drone force.

We don’t think you’ll have any problems with that particular clause.

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Terrifying Storm is a double-edge sword but can be extremely useful in a Zoff deck.

The storm will damage ALL buildings and territories, including your own. But if your opponent has a territory sitting just over 200 health before you activate RAILGUN, Terrifying Storm can be the deciding factor in its destruction.

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Relentless Raid is sort of a pièce de résistance for decks led by Zoff.

In a deck that wants to spread out as much damage as possible to all enemy territories, this card is just…well, Relentless.

Plus, if you can ignore the drones for just a moment, that beach looks really nice!

I’d encourage you to take a look at the Genesis of Conflict Drone Forces as well.

Set 000 Volkov’s Escape and Set 002 Savage Escalation bring more drone options to gameplay in the future, and we’ll make sure to cover those in a future article.

So, does Zoff seem like he’s suited for your style of gameplay? We think he’ll be a strong option in Standard play for a long time.

Fun fact: our version of Zoff’s deck was used extensively in play testing Set 002 designs. The deck is well rounded and hits hard, making it a great baseline to test against.

We’re excited to see what deck lists you come up with for Zoff, and look forward to playing against them in the future!

Make sure to read our Set 000 article and have a look at Adam Zoff, a leader design that features different abilities that reflect his position as a weapons developer before his ascension to political power.

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