STUN: Strategic Disruption in Warsaken
STUN offers a powerful way to neutralize key enemy forces, creating critical openings for attack and ensuring tactical superiority.

The STUN ability in Warsaken is a powerful tool for removing obstacles and creating critical openings for attack. STUN can neutralize key enemy forces, flipping them facedown and adding a cost timer, making them unready and disrupting your opponent’s strategy. This makes STUN an invaluable asset in your deck, providing a way to break through otherwise immovable defenses and secure victory.

STUN: Mechanic Overview

The STUN ability functions by flipping an enemy force facedown and adding a cost timer to it. Here is the exact wording for the STUN ability:

STUN: Flip a specific enemy force this could block with a turn cost < 2 facedown and add a cost timer of 1; it’s not ready.

Triggered mechanic. Choose an enemy force type card with a cost timer of 0 or 1 that this card could block in battle, flip it facedown to indicate it’s not ready, and add a cost timer of 1 to it.

Cards Featuring STUN

There are two notable cards in Warsaken that utilize the STUN ability: Specialist Sabian Hunter and Gage. Each brings unique advantages to the battlefield.

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Specialist Sabian Hunter: Versatile Disabler
Specialist Sabian Hunter is equipped with several abilities that enhance its versatility and power. The combination of ANTI-NAVAL and STEALTH ensures that Sabian Hunter can apply STUN to a broad spectrum of enemy forces, making it an effective disruptor.

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Gage: Immediate Enforcer
Gage offers immediate tactical advantages with his zero-timer, allowing for rapid deployment and action.

    Notable Targets for STUN

    Using STUN effectively involves targeting the right enemy forces. Here are some key targets for STUN in Warsaken:

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    X-56 Aftermath: Disabling this heavy-hitting force can prevent its ability to block air forces you deem critical for your attack. There are several ANTI-AIR forces that similarly could be impacted by STUN.

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    RCG Charleston: Flipping this force facedown can interrupt the ability for excess damage to get through for enemy navy forces (must be paired with timer manipulation).

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    AS34 Wave: STUNning this card nullifies sub forces’ ability to avoid SEEK, making them unable to block your stealthy attacks.

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    Jin Nori, Teacher of Stealth: This is one of the best uses of STUN, as it enables WMDs to impact Ninja forces once Jin is flipped over. There are not many strategies that successfully neutralize Jin Nori, so take note.

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    Roman’s Prototype: One of the strongest forces impacted by STUN, flipping it facedown can prevent it from unleashing both blocking, or when paired with timer manipulation, its attacks. This beast is not only a constant roadblock on your way to victory, but it keeps chipping away at your arsenal.

    Forces with abilities like ENDED, DEADMAN, or FINAL SAY are also excellent candidates for STUN, as disabling them can neutralize significant threats and disrupt enemy plans.

    Combining STUN with Other Cards

    To maximize the effectiveness of STUN, consider pairing it with cards that manipulate timers. Two excellent cards for this purpose are:

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    Calculated Interference: This card allows you to increase a specific enemy non-leader, non-territory timer by 1. When used in conjunction with STUN, it can prolong the period an enemy force remains unready, providing extended disruption.

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    Calculated Stagnation: Similar to Calculated Interference, this card increases a specific non-leader timer by 1. Pairing it with STUN can keep enemy forces incapacitated for longer durations, further hampering your opponent’s strategy.

    Additionally, using Major De la Croix as your leader can enhance the impact of STUN:

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    SWAMPED: Major De la Croix’s ability to increase a specific enemy non-leader, non-territory timer by 1 pairs well with STUN, extending the unready state of enemy forces and increasing your control over the battlefield.


    STUN is a powerful, cost-effective ability that, when used strategically, can disrupt enemy plans and create opportunities for victory. Whether deploying the versatile Specialist Sabian Hunter or the immediate-impact Gage, mastering the use of STUN can give you a decisive edge in the battles of Warsaken. Pair it with timer delay cards like Calculated Interference and Calculated Stagnation to maximize its effectiveness, and always consider the broader impact of retriggering abilities.

    Engage with the community in the Warsaken Discord server, explore more strategies with Warsaken AI, and refine your tactics with the detailed guides available at Warsaken Rules.

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