GHOST Warfare: Unseen and Unstoppable
Learn how to harness the power of GHOST forces in Warsaken
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In the high-stakes battles of Warsaken, strategy and cunning are essential for victory. The GHOST mechanic offers players a tantalizing strategic advantage that, when leveraged correctly, can make their forces nearly untouchable. Let’s delve into the intricate details of this powerful ability and explore the unique characters who wield it.

Understanding the GHOST Mechanic

GHOST is a formidable ability that prevents enemy forces from eliminating a card if you have exactly five unique forces with GHOST in your legion. This means that each of the five forces must be distinct, and adding a sixth force will negate the ability. Therefore, careful management and strategic deployment are key to maintaining this advantage.

Forces with GHOST

There are currently six cards in the game that possess the GHOST ability. Five of these are soldier forces, each bringing unique skills to the battlefield:


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Ghost Training Facility

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In addition to the soldier forces, the Ghost Training Facility is a building card that also benefits from the GHOST mechanic. It enhances the attack capabilities of your GHOST forces, making them even more formidable, but also, perhaps more importantly protects them once they’re out from nearly all potential danger from enemies.

The Broken Dragons

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The lore behind these characters is deeply intertwined with the story of the Broken Dragons, a group formed by Kyodo Lee, the son of Emperor Shang Lee. While Kyodo Lee, Ronin does not possess the GHOST ability himself, his leadership skill, JOIN, allows non-drone soldier forces to temporarily become ninja forces, facilitating the deployment of GHOST soldiers.

Strategy and Gameplay

Deploying five unique forces with the GHOST ability can be challenging but immensely rewarding. The key lies in balancing the abilities of each force and ensuring their protection while maintaining the exact count required for GHOST to remain active. Combining their unique skills can turn the tide of battle:

  • Outrider’s RECON helps you draw and arrange your arsenal strategically.
  • Coda’s STEALTH ensures unhindered attacks.
  • Butcher’s BLITZ and FEAR can break through defenses and lower enemy morale.
  • Gage’s ECHO and STUN provide tactical control over enemy forces.
  • Beast’s RAID disrupts enemy plans by forcing card discards.


Mastering the GHOST mechanic involves strategic precision and a deep understanding of each force’s abilities. By leveraging the strengths of Outrider, Coda, Butcher, Gage, and Beast, along with the Ghost Training Facility, players can create an almost invincible offensive force. Engage with the community to share strategies and explore the dynamic possibilities that GHOST forces bring to the game. Visit the Warsaken website to dive deeper into the lore, rules, and community discussions.

Explore more about Kyodo Lee and the Broken Dragons’ backstory here.

Assemble your legion wisely and dominate the battlefield with the power of GHOST!

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