Game XP Values Updated in Anticipation of Game Reward XP Release
Game XP values have been refreshed in the Warsaken app to enhance gameplay and reward strategies more accurately; check the app for detailed changes.

Attention, Commanders! As we gear up for the highly anticipated Game Reward XP release, we’ve refreshed some Game XP values in the Warsaken app. These updates are designed to enhance your gameplay experience.

Dive into the app now to explore the new XP values and see how they impact your progression. Stay sharp, adapt your strategies, and make the most of these updates to climb the ranks and dominate the battlefield.

For more details, check the Warsaken app. Your next tactical advantage awaits!

Engage with us on the Warsaken Discord community and share your thoughts on these updates. We’re eager to hear from you.

— The Warsaken Team

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