Steadfast Kickstarter Progress: Overcoming Challenges to Deliver Your Rewards
Despite setbacks and production delays, we’re making steady progress and remain committed to delivering your rewards with the quality you deserve.
Physical Cards  /  Product Release

We want to take a moment to address the current state of our Kickstarter project and provide you with a candid update on our progress. We deeply appreciate your patience and continued support, and we owe you full transparency regarding the challenges we’ve encountered and the steps we’re taking to overcome them.

Firstly, production has yet to begin due to an unfortunate incident with our initial shipment of code cards, which were completely damaged. As a result, we had to invalidate the original codes and generate new ones. This process also necessitated the creation of new, smaller, and more cost-effective code cards. We’re currently in the final stages of affixing these new codes to the cards and hope to ship them to our manufacturing facility in China either this week or next.

In addition to the code card issues, we encountered a dispute with our manufacturing partner concerning the material used for the inner plastic tray. The original bid specified a “velvet” texture, but the manufacturer attempted to alter this agreement. After consulting with many of our backers on Discord, it was clear that the velvet treatment was not favored and was even considered irritating by some. Consequently, we negotiated to remove this feature, which felt like a considerable waste of time but was ultimately necessary to align with your preferences.

We also received a “blank box” test of the entire set, which included blank cards, counters, a gamemat, a d6 die, spacers, repackable draft boxes, an inner tray, and the box base and lid. Along with this, we received test prints on rolled-up paper. While the prints looked amazing, we need to see the cards printed on the actual holographic foil to ensure quality. This request wasn’t part of the original bid, and the manufacturer, reminding us of the six-month bid expiration policy, required an additional payment for these test prints. We agreed to this cost because we want to deliver nothing short of excellence.

Since the beginning of the year, we’ve also identified a US-based manufacturer capable of producing cards quickly and efficiently for domestic shipping. We’ve made significant innovations, including creating draft packs and enabling customers to purchase only the cards they want directly from our new shop: Warsaken Shop. Our existing app now features a “print this deck” option, streamlining the checkout process. Although the US-manufactured cards use mirror foil instead of holographic foil, they maintain the same high quality expected from our team in China. We’re pleased to announce that Set 000 (micro set) and Set 002 (full set) are now available in the shop. These draft packs are exceptional, with a 1:100 chance of containing the rare Cracked Ice variation.

Here’s a YouTube short of a recent pack opening:

We recently updated our website and we’ve continued to work on our rules, cabal mission guide, and lore. Everything is easily found on

Additionally, we mentioned in a previous post that we had released a CustomGPT on the OpenAI platform, we took that a step further and made it free for everyone to access now. The Warsaken AI can answer deep questions about gameplay, abilities, card interactions, project information, lore, and more.

We understand this has been a long and arduous wait, and we know some of you may have lost faith in our ability to deliver. However, please know that we are still here, working to overcome each challenge. Your boxes are coming, and we are committed to delivering them to all backers.

Thank you for standing by us. Your support means the world to us, and we’re moving forward with renewed determination.

The Warsaken team is significantly more active on Discord. If you have questions or want to engage with us, please join the community

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