Enhanced Gameplay Awaits: Discover the New Warsaken Plastic Counters
Discover the new plastic counters at the Warsaken Shop, designed for ease of use, durability, and double the value with 8x sets now available at the original price of 4x sets.
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The new plastic counters for Warsaken, now available at the Warsaken Shop, represent the pinnacle of design and functionality. After numerous iterations and production challenges, we’ve perfected these essential game components, ensuring they are both practical and visually appealing.

Initially, our design journey began with complex prototypes featuring spinners and sliders aimed at tracking various game values such as countdown timers, intel, morale, and health. While innovative, these designs proved to be too cumbersome, often interrupting the flow of gameplay.

Realizing the need for a simpler solution, we shifted our focus to numbered tiles that fit neatly into a tray. This streamlined approach made tracking game values straightforward and ensured the counters remained stable during play. The final product not only provides practical functionality but also adds a clean, aesthetic touch to your Warsaken setup.

Our production process involved four distinct phases:

  1. Initial Prototyping with Resin Printing: We began with resin-printed prototypes, which helped us visualize our concept, though the material lacked the necessary durability.
  2. Larger Scale Resin Printing with True White Material: Using a refined white material improved visibility and robustness, but it wasn’t the final answer.
  3. On-Demand Production Experiment: Attempting on-demand resin printing resulted in poor-quality counters with a subpar finish. The thermal process left the trays “droopy,” failing to meet our standards.
  4. Injection Molded Final Production Counters: Collaborating with the company behind our Kickstarter boxes, we achieved high-quality, injection-molded counters. The chosen material not only provided superior durability but also enhanced the readability of the embossed numbers by casting better shadows inside them.

The result is a set of counters that make tracking game values easy and reliable, while also enhancing the overall look of your gaming table. Additionally, we’ve doubled the value for our players: the initial price point, which covered 4x counter sets, now includes 8x counter sets at the same price.

Experience the difference these new counters bring to your gameplay. Order your set from the Warsaken Shop today. Engage with our community forums to share your experiences and discuss strategies, further enriching your Warsaken adventure.

These counters are more than just game pieces; they embody our commitment to enhancing your Warsaken gameplay experience. Get yours today!

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