Whitepaper: The Future of Warsaken
See where Warsaken is headed and learn about our upcoming milestones.
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Published August 9, 2021 @ 8:48 AM Pacific / Updated May 10, 2024 @ 10:49 AM Pacific


Warsaken is a military strategy card game coming soon to your devices and tabletop. Our game developers have been building and play testing game mechanics for years. Artist from all over the world have created dynamic images to bring the game to life. And now, Warsaken is available to purchase for the first time ever, starting with digital card sales in 2021 and physical cards in 2022. The blockchain will never be the same.

The digital game will be built on the WAX blockchain, giving cardholders true ownership and the ability to buy, trade, and sell in-game assets (NFTs) for real money. You can also passively earn Warsaken Loot (Loot) for owning digital Warsaken cards.

Warsaken is a game crafted by Eclectic Nerds, LLC with a focus on positive gameplay for everyone involved and bringing friends and family together.

Earth, but not as you know it

The planet is in turmoil as nations battle for shrinking resources. Military leaders have risen to the forefront as the ability to defend lands and conquer new ones means the difference between survival and death of entire nations. You will take the role of one of 14 military geniuses, assemble your forces, and go head-to-head against one or more enemies. Play one-on-one, in draft formats, tournaments, in solo mode against the formidable Cabal, and more.

NFT pack launch

The first Warsaken cards are for sale as NFTs (non-fungible tokens) on the WAX blockchain. Sales will be by WAX, and will require a WAX wallet, which can be set up in seconds at wallet.wax.io. The sale of Set 001 – Genesis of Conflict, began on Dec 15, 2021. A portion of initial sales was donated to the Wounded Warrior Project.

Loyalty rewards

Holding Warsaken NFTs in your account will make you eligible to receive payouts of Loot. The amount of payouts will depend on your rank, which will be determined by how much XP you have earned. The number and rarity of NFTs held in your account will determine the amount of XP you earn. You must hold at least one premium Warsaken NFT to be eligible to earn XP. To begin earning XP, simply pledge your Warsaken NFTs to one of the leaders in our app or on the website. Once you pledge at least one premium Warsaken NFT, you will be able to earn XP for holding Warsaken NFTs as well as NFTs from various other collections. (Ally NFT staking is forthcoming.) Playing and winning games will also result in earning XP. You will also be able to earn XP through recruiting. All packs will include at least 1 premium NFT.

As you earn more XP, you will rise in rank. Each rank earns a certain amount of Loot, which you can claim daily in the app or online. High rarity cards and upgraded cards will yield considerably more XP than common cards. Warsaken NFTs will not leave the collector’s wallet in order to count toward their XP total. The only NFTs that earn Loot rather than XP are the Territory Owner cards and Territory Tenant cards, which will grant the holder a significant amount of Loot daily. Any Loot not claimed daily does not roll over to the following day.

XP earned by holding NFTs from Ally collections will function the same as XP from holding Warsaken NFTs, but will be earned at a significantly lower rate. The collections that will be Allies for our first Season of War were selected through a tournament held in our Discord. A list of the 18 Allies can be found under the #_staking tab in our Discord. The Allies of Warsaken are subject to change, though changes will be implemented in stages to avoid abrupt disruptions. In future Seasons of War, additional collections will be chosen by our Discord members. We will not include collections that contain obscene or questionable content.

At higher ranks, some of the XP must be recruiting XP, which can be earned when others use your recruitment code to make purchases, by earning recruitment NFTs through activity in our social channels, or in other manners that will be forthcoming. XP will reset each season. XP that is earned from owning NFTs will automatically be reinstated each season, as long as the NFT remains in your account. However, recruiting XP and XP earned from playing will reset and will need to be earned each season. Recruiting XP is not live at the current time. It will go into effect in future Seasons of War.

There are 11 ranks. Ranks 1 through 7 (R1 through Star 3) can be achieved simply by earning XP. Ranks 8 and above will require recruiting XP in addition to higher levels of XP than lower ranks. This requirement does not apply to the first Season of War. Reaching ranks 9 and above will require ownership of specific Warsaken NFTs: Rank 9, Lieutenant, can be achieved by holding any Gold version of the leader you are pledged to, in addition to the XP and recruiting XP requirements. (58 total Gold version will be minted of each leader.) Rank 10, Lieutenant General, requires a Blood Foil card of the leader and a Gold version of the same leader. (4 Blood Foil cards will be minted per leader). Rank 11, General, can only be achieved if you hold the 1 of 1 Infinite Edition Blood Pact card of that leader as well as a Gold of the same leader.

In summary, Loot is earned based on rank. Each rank has a minimum XP requirement. All levels from 8 and above require recruiting XP. XP will reset each season, and only XP earned from holding NFTs (including recruiting NFTs) will be automatically re-applied.

Crypto Store

On March 5th, 2022, Loot Packs will be available in the store. In the future, the Loot Store will accept Loot for raffle tickets, in-game items, in-game FX, Warsaken Unlimited Subscriptions, and more. Loot Packs will only be available in the Loot Store and on the secondary market. You can find the Loot Store on the app or at www.warsaken.cards/store.

Loot Packs

Each month we will release a new batch of Loot Packs. Loot Packs can be purchased only with Loot at an initial cost of 50,000 Loot. Platinum Loot Packs will cost 150,000 Loot. Each Loot Pack will consist of 3 cards—2x ultra premium slots and 1x Loot card. The Platinum Loot Packs will contain 10 cards—6x ultra premium slots, 3x Loot card, 1x First Wave Upgrade card. In addition to premium Genesis of Conflict NFTS, each of the ultra premium slots has a possibility of drawing one of 4 special Loot cards— Gold Loot Leaders, Decadent Leaders, Territory Owner cards, and Territory Tenant cards. Loot Packs will be the only place to obtain these four special Loot cards.

Gold Loot Leaders will be minted at a quantity of 10 for each leader. They will offer even higher XP, give +1 generic resource at the start of the game, and most importantly, qualify the holder for the rank of Lieutenant (Rank 9.)

The minting of Decadent Leader NFTs will be limited to 10 per Leader. In addition to higher levels of XP, Decadent Leaders offer some interesting gameplay mechanics that differ from the other leaders cards.

Territory Owner cards will be among the rarest Warsaken NFTs. Only one Owner NFT will be minted for each of the 35 territories in the Genesis of Conflict set, meaning they will all be 1 of 1. Holding the Territory Owner NFT will entitle you to massive amounts of Loot daily with no XP requirement and no recruitment requirement. Territory Tenant cards will be minted in quantities of 10 per territory and will give 1/10th the Loot reward of the Owner cards.

With each monthly Loot Pack drop, we will add 2 new Territory Owner cards and 20 Tenant cards to the pool from which Loot Pack NFTs are drawn. Loot Packs from any month will have a chance to draw Territory Owner and Tenant cards, but once they have been pulled, there will be no Territory Owner or Tenant cards available until the following month. The odds of pulling these NFTs will be commensurate with their exceeding rarity (i.e. it’s gonna be really hard to snag these.)

In addition to granting massive daily Loot, Territory Owner and Tenant cards will qualify the holder to create decks which can be staked in the Warsaken system. Staked decks can be used by free-to-play players, and rewards for winning matches will be split between the player and the owner. Deck staking will be available only to players who hold Owner and Tenant cards.

Warsaken Loot

Warsaken Loot is the in-game token of Warsaken. You can earn XP and rank up to earn more daily Loot, through holding NFTs, playing and winning, beating Cabal levels, and more. Redeeming Loot Crates will yield Loot without any XP requirements. The max supply of Warsaken Loot is 10,000,000,000,000 (10 trillion). The principal manner of distribution will be through daily rewards based on rank, redemption of Loot Crates, and direct distribution to Territory Owner and Tenant card holders. As mentioned above, in addition to purchasing Loot Packs, Loot can be used to enter raffles; buy in game items such as badges, special effects, playmats, etc; purchase game subscriptions; and more.

Upgrade Cards

You will be able to upgrade Warsaken NFTS to create new NFTs with gameplay advantages and significant XP increases. Combine 5 copies of any Standard Bordered Common card and receive a Full Art Uncommon Medal variation of the same card. The new NFT will be designated with a medal in the top corner and will play the same as the original card but will receive up to a 20x bonus to XP received, compared to the standard card.

You can upgrade Full Art Uncommon and Uncommon Medal NFTs further, and the result will depend on whether or not you use First Wave cards. Using First Wave cards will result in the highest level of upgrade—1st Wave Fire Forged Edition. Upgrading without First Wave cards results in the Fire Forged variety.

To upgrade without First Wave cards, combine 5 copies of any Full Art Uncommon or Uncommon Medal variation and received a Fire Forged Medal variation of that same card. Fire Forged Medal cards have +10 health for longer survivability in gameplay. In addition, they receive up to 200x the XP of the Common version of that card. If the Common card gives 1 XP, the Fire Forged Medal variety will give 200 XP.

First Wave cards can be used in place of any Uncommon or Common in the upgrade process, but you must use at least 2 of the cards you are upgrading. For example, instead of burning 5 of the same card in order to update it, you can use 2 of the cards plus 3 First Wave cards, or 4 of the cards and 1 First Wave card.

If any number of First Wave cards are used to upgrade Full Art Uncommon or Uncommon Medal cards, the resulting NFT will be a 1st Wave Edition Fire Forged card. In addition to the +10 health bonus for gameplay, the card receives up to a 3000x bonus to XP, compared to the Common version of the card. If the original card yields 1 XP, the 1st Wave Edition Fire Forged will yield 3000 XP.

Premium Upgrades

Upgrading of premium cards is available. There are four recipes.

  • Foil Fire Prime First Wave
    Requires 2x Fire Forged First Wave + 3x Foil Prime.
  • Camo Edge First Wave
    Requires 2x Camo + 2x Foil Prime + 1 First Wave Upgrade Card.
  • Black Camo First Wave
    Requires 1x Camo + 1x Black Camo + 2x Foil Prime + 1 First Wave Upgrade Card.
  • Flame Tech
    Requires 2x Fire Forged (not First Wave) + 1x Hex Tech + 2x First Wave Upgrade Cards.

Warsaken Blitz

The first playable Warsaken game will be Warsaken Blitz, a simpler strategy game that will be played using Warsaken NFTs. It will be released in Q1/Q2 2022. The full-feature, standard gameplay will follow later in 2022. Warsaken Blitz is an easy-to-learn, easy-to-play strategy game that will use basic Warsaken game setup to go head-to-head with other players. You will be able to earn XP by playing and winning the digital version of Warsaken Blitz. There will be a free-to-play function with pre-made decks for Warsaken Blitz, but you will not be able to earn XP by playing with free decks.

Tabletop game

In 2022, Warsaken will be available to purchase and play in a tabletop edition. The initial launch will take place on Kickstarter, following which, cards and sets will be available on www.warsaken.com and in your local gaming store where available. Physical gameplay will follow the same rules as digital gameplay. However, you will have more player options in the tabletop version including team play and large group play in addition to the solo mode, draft, and tournament play of the digital game.

Physical cards will initially be offered in three boxes. The Cabal Box contains over 600 cards, including 3 pre-made decks that will allow you and your friends to battle in story mode against the Cabal as a team or in single-player mode. Expansion packs are 4 pre-made decks and resource cards, including over 400 cards. Draft Boxes come with 8 packs, 2 leaders, and a bonus card. Draft boxes will provide enough packs for 2 people to build dynamic decks and play against each other. The packaging of the box is designed for re-packing, which will allow for additional draft and re-play opportunities. As a bonus for the Kickstarter all boxes sold will contain bonus claim codes for Warsaken NFTs.

Successive sets of Warsaken such as Set 2 will also be available in tabletop formats. Limited edition NFT sets, such as Volkov’s Escape may or may not be available for tabletop.

Bonus claim codes

All physical boxes sold in the Kickstarter will include claim codes which will entitle the buyer to packs of NFTs. These NFTs will be from the limited edition Volkov’s Escape set. This set includes digital cards that will not be available anywhere else. The Cabal Box will contain 3 claim codes which can be redeemed for 3 packs, and Expansion Boxes and Draft Boxes will contain 1 claim code each.

Warsaken app

The Warsaken app will be your all-in-one command center. In addition to playing the digital game, building decks, claiming Loot, and managing your digital assets, you will be able to use it in conjunction with physical cards and decks to track damage to your leader and territories during battle, keep a record of your wins, organize tournaments, and experience the most immersive way to battle the Cabal in single-player mode. The app will be available on iPhone and iPad as well as Android phones and tablets. In the future we may support other platforms as well.

Launch of the game engine, digital gameplay begins, deck staking, Set 2 pack sale, subscriptions available.

Gameplay will take place on the Warsaken app and at www.warsaken.com starting some time in 2022. (A Tabletopia version of the game is available now, but is only recommended for advanced players.) Multiple game modes will be available including one-on-one, solo mode Cabal, tournaments, and more. Deck creation, collection sorting, real-time tracking, casual and ranked record keeping, a deck-analysis tool, and much more will be available. Players can use any assets they own (NFTs) to build decks and play all game modes.

Warsaken Unlimited is a monthly subscription that will give access to ALL standard Warsaken cards for deckbuilding and play. You can combine a subscription with NFTs you own to increase the XP earned for gameplay. If you don’t own any cards and don’t have a subscription, you can battle using pre-made decks. XP will be awarded for playing matches and winning with NFTs or with Unlimited, but no XP will be earned by players using the free pre-made decks. Warsaken can be considered play-to-earn and free-to-play.

Deck staking will combine the play-to-earn and free-to-play aspects of the game. NFT owners will be able to create decks and stake them, making them available for others to play with. Rewards for winning will be split between the deck owner and the player. In order to stake decks, a player needs to own a Territory Owner or Territory Tenant card, which can be found in Loot Packs.

The Set 2 NFT pack launch will take place in late 2022. Set 2, Savage Escalation, will consist of approximately 250 cards. Following the launch of Set 2, we anticipate launching a new set every 6-12 months.

Pack sales take place via WAX, based on the USD equivalent. NFTs are created on the WAX Blockchain. A WAX account will be used for sign-in authentication. A WAX account can be created in a few seconds for those who do not have one at wallet.wax.io. In the future, more authentication methods may be available.

Multi-accounting and bots

Multi-accounting, farming, and botting are not allowed in Warsaken claiming and playing matches against other players. This includes using bots or scripts, and any other attempts to cheat the system. The Warsaken team will use manual as well as technological means to track and ban accounts suspected of unethical behavior. Appeals of blocked accounts will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

There is an exception for people who acquire more than one Blood Foil Leader. Those individuals may set up a co-op or group account to claim Loot. Warsaken will allow this because we have already accounted for Loot payouts for all Blood Foil Leaders in our tokenomics and it has no additional impact on Loot. Blood Foils exist in small enough quantities that it is feasible for the Warsaken team to track ownership of these assets.

Warsaken team and goals

Eclectic Nerds, LLC and EN Digital, LLC are the companies behind Warsaken. The team is composed of professionals from varying backgrounds, each with decades of experience in the highest levels of user experience, design, marketing, software development, software architecture, and publishing. We are a set of gaming companies first and foremost and will harness the power of the blockchain to allow true ownership through the ability to sell and buy cards, packs, and other assets on open marketplaces. We are determined to bring new and exciting games to the market that offer advanced game design, premium quality art, fair and bug-free sales, and most importantly, a positive gameplay experience for beginners and veterans.

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