Warsaken® NFT Upgrades: A Comprehensive Guide
Discover the strategic depth and visual allure of Warsaken NFT upgrades, enhancing your gameplay with both standard and premium card transformations.
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In the blockchain world of Warsaken, mastering the art of upgrading your cards is crucial for maximizing your Loot claim and enhancing your cards. The game offers a rich tapestry of upgrade options, allowing players to enhance their collection and decks with both standard and premium upgrades. This article delves into the intricacies of these upgrades, highlighting strategies for maximizing your card potential and ensuring your arsenal is as formidable as it is visually striking.

Standard Upgrades: Building Your Foundation

Standard upgrades serve as the bedrock for enhancing your cards, utilizing Common and Uncommon cards to significantly boost their power and XP value. These upgrades are accessible yet potent, making them an ideal starting point for new and seasoned players alike.

Full Art Medal

Transform five identical Standard bordered common or Promo cards into a Full Art Medal card. This upgrade not only enhances the visual appeal of the card but also significantly increases its XP value, making it a powerhouse in gameplay.

Full Art Medal First Wave

By combining four Standard Bordered Common cards with one First Wave Upgrade card, players can obtain a Full Art Medal First Wave variation of the same card. This variant’s XP is increased much more over the standard Full Art Medal but take not this is less impactful during gameplay rewards.

Fire Forged

Elevate your gameplay by upgrading five copies of any Full Art or Full Art Medal (First Wave or normal) variation to a Fire Forged variation. These cards not only gain a substantial XP boost but also receive an additional +10 health, enhancing their longevity in battle in Standard games.

Fire Forged First Wave

For those looking to further fortify their collection and significantly increase their XP toward daily Loot claims, combining four Full Art or Full Art Medal (First Wave or normal) cards with a First Wave Upgrade card yields the Fire Forged First Wave variation. This elite upgrade offers a staggering increase in XP and an additional +10 health, cementing its status as a pivotal asset in any collection.

Premium Upgrades: The Elite Arsenal

Warsaken also offers premium upgrades, which require specific combinations of higher-tier cards. These upgrades are designed for the ultimate collector and strategist, aiming to craft a deck that stands out both in aesthetics and efficacy.

Foil Fire First Wave

By merging two Fire Forged First Wave cards with three Foil Prime cards, players can create the visually stunning and highly potent Foil Fire First Wave card. This upgrade is a testament to a collector’s dedication and XP ambitions. Offering some of the highest XP rewards these cards are rare due to their high difficulty in collecting the necessary components.

Camo Edge First Wave

This upgrade requires a precise combination of two Camo cards, one First Wave Upgrade card, and two Foil Prime cards. The result is a Camo Edge First Wave card, which brings a unique tactical advantage to the battlefield and a clean look among your collection.

Black Camo First Wave

Achieve peak stealth and strategy by combining one Black Camo card, one Camo card, one First Wave Upgrade card, and two Foil Prime cards. The Black Camo First Wave card is a rare gem that can decisively turn the tide of battle in your favor and Loot in your claims. With the Black Camo card having a limited mint of only 50, these can never exceed that limit.

Flame Tech

Introduced as a later addition, the Flame Tech upgrade is the epitome of premium card evolution. As these upgrades require two Fire Forged (non-First Wave) cards, one Hex Tech, and two Upgrade cards these can be both rare to come by and even harder to blend yourself. The XP gain is significant for G-Forces and Infinite Leaders as their ingredients are difficult to obtain in high enough quantities.

Wheel Spins

It’s important to note that all upgradable cards can also be found without upgrading through rare drops in Wheel Spins. The rarity is high, but it’s not impossible. If you want to try your luck at Wheel Spins head on over and pick up a few today.

Engage and Conquer

As you dive into the world of Warsaken card upgrades, remember that each card and upgrade path offers unique strategic advantages and challenges. Engage with the community through forums and social media to share your experiences and strategies. Explore the Warsaken store for exclusive deals and items that can further enhance your gameplay experience.

Dive deep into the strategy, enjoy upgrades, and you may find your deck not only visually stunning but also unbeatably strategic. Are you ready to elevate your Warsaken experience? Join us on the battlefield and forge your path to victory.

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