07.06.2024 Savage Escalation Loot Pack Series-12 Drop Incoming
07.05.2024 25x Loot Reward Weekend
06.22.2024 Unity Decks – July Collection Challenge
06.13.2024 Adding 1B WUF Tokens to the Father’s Day Sale
Battle-Ready Sale: Aid Our Veterans
Get ready to fortify your arsenal and make a difference for our veterans. It is the Warsaken Legion call to arms!
Harvest Season at Alcor
Introducing the New Loot Farm with enticing bonus rewards, ready for those eager to start farming!
Announcing Watch & Earn
Earn Loot by watching and engaging with Official Warsaken Streamers on Twitch – simply link your WAX wallet to your Twitch account and watch your rewards grow automatically!
Leader Lens: President Zeana
Learn the backstory of President Candela Zeana and strategic gameplay in Warsaken, highlighting her unique abilities and favorable card combinations.
Leaders  /  Strategy
Leader Lens: Premier Zoff
Learn the backstory of Adam Zoff and strategic gameplay in Warsaken, highlighting his unique abilities and favorable card combinations.
Leaders  /  Strategy
Volkov’s Escape a mini-set with big impact
This interactive story introduces new characters and a unique 20-card set in the game Warsaken, paving the way for future character-driven mini-sets.
Leader Lens: Roman Volkov, the Exile
Learn the backstory of Roman Volkov and strategic gameplay in Warsaken, highlighting his unique abilities and beneficial card combinations.
Leaders  /  Strategy
Find Your Standard Playstyle
Play the game your way! Whether you like to hammer your enemy with damage, or control and manipulate their decisions with precision, your style will determine the cards you take to your game.
About Warsaken®
Warsaken is a strategic card game that bridges generations, offering diverse game modes and a beautifully crafted aesthetic to bring people together
Daily Loot Claiming is Here!
Choose a leader, claim your Loot.
Warsaken NFT Variations (Set 001)
See the ultra premium NFT designs available in the first set of Warsaken.
Be a Land Baron of Warsaken
Learn about the most straightforward way to earn Loot in Warsaken.
Whitepaper: The Future of Warsaken
See where Warsaken is headed and learn about our upcoming milestones.
Block More with Anti-Weapons
Let’s examine some powerful anti-weapons in Warsaken, and how you can save space in your deck design without giving up defense.
Gameplay  /  Strategy
The Vow of the Ninja
These shinobi masters make vows to each other. Their vow is your legion’s strength as you use these soldiers to rapidly build your forces.
Gameplay  /  Strategy