Top Dog Event Coming to an End
Only a few hours left to get in on the Top Dog Event!
Warsaken and WUFFI Top Dog Event
Get packs at a great price if you buy with $WUF or TLM!
Savage Escalation Loot Pack Series-10 Drop Incoming
Arriving May 4, 2024 at 5:00 PM Pacific Time. Check the app for the local time countdown.
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Save 5% on orders over $25 in the Warsaken Shop
Discover Great Savings at the Warsaken Shop: Enjoy 5% Off Site-Wide!
Announcing the Warsaken® Dossier
Explore the Warsaken Dossier for comprehensive coverage on Warsaken, featuring in-depth gameplay strategies, lore details, and the latest updates. Stay informed and enhance your gaming experience with expert insights.
5x Loot Rewards ’til May 9th, 2024
For a limited time get 5x Loot rewards from WARBOT when watching official Warsaken Streamers.
Warsaken® NFT Upgrades: A Comprehensive Guide
Discover the strategic depth and visual allure of Warsaken NFT upgrades, enhancing your gameplay with both standard and premium card transformations.
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Warsaken Strategic Briefing + AMA – January 29, 2024
Warsaken is revolutionizing its gaming universe with a slew of cool new features, blending digital and physical gameplay elements to create an epic, immersive experience for players.
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50% OFF Black Friday to Cyber Monday
Get ready for huge savings from Black Friday to Cyber Monday in our biggest sale yet!
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Battle-Ready Sale: Aid Our Veterans
Get ready to fortify your arsenal and make a difference for our veterans. It is the Warsaken Legion call to arms!
Harvest Season at Alcor
Introducing the New Loot Farm with enticing bonus rewards, ready for those eager to start farming!
Announcing Watch & Earn
Earn Loot by watching and engaging with Official Warsaken Streamers on Twitch – simply link your WAX wallet to your Twitch account and watch your rewards grow automatically!
Warsaken is Building
Big changes are happening today
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Kickstarter Launched!!!
Warsaken’s physical release is available to the public for 30 days. Become a backer and get your reward to play the physical game with your friends and family!
Whitepaper: The Future of Warsaken
See where Warsaken is headed and learn about our upcoming milestones.